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Steel sleeper

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The use of steel sleeper is becoming popular.

The wooden sleeper is easy to use but the life span is short and with the shortage of the forest resource, the wood is becoming more and more expensive, the wooden sleeper is greatly replaced by concrete sleepers nowadays.

The concrete sleeper has longer life span, but it is very heavy and it is not suitable to use in some severe conditions.

The steel sleepers have long life span, and it is light in weight.  The sizes of steel sleepers are more accurate than wooden or concrete sleepers, it is an effective solution for modern rail networks.

Due to the light weight of the steel sleeper, it is easy to pack and it is more recyclable.

We offer a wide range of steel sleepers designed for different applications, from meter gauge railways, to mainline operation which also includes heavy axle loads and high speed.

Some types of steel sleepers we have currently are:

BS500 steel sleeper: BS75A, BS75R, BS80A, BS90A, BS100A, BS113A

UIC865 Steel Sleeper: UIC54, UIC60

Bosheng’s steel sleepers are manufactured in accordance with the specific technical requirements of customers. The steel sleepers are cut to length, the ends is pressed in a forging die. Depending on the type of rail fastenings to use which is specified by the customer, holes are punched or baseplates or shoulders are welded onto the steel sleeper.

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